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The chaos. thriller 
5 years ago  

Summer. It must be already evening. The dark, the sky overcast. Simply – bad weather.
Suspecting nothing, my friends and I walked along the vast road under the railway bridge. Suddenly, like lightning, raced on a road car, knocking the man and leaving him only a lifeless lumps. Then, this point is shown again, but now in slow motion. We not finding any words, look at it, trying to understand what happened. The head comes first right idea – to call an ambulance. The answer turns out to be harsh and confusing. Manager says: “I don`t f… care, who was shot down there!”.
After that moment, a strange happening chaos: people suddenly appear in hats and long coats with masks of plague doctors who uninterrupted chanting something under his breath. Other people dressed in summer clothes, begin to move erratically – then go, then abruptly accelerated, then jump. But this is not the end – a huge crowd of children begins to jump under a swarm of mindless machines.

Nearing the climax feeling, from which is even scarier. Triggered siren announcing the nuclear attack. Crumbling buildings, an endless stream is a series of accidents.
Suddenly there is the railway bridge (the bridge of the leaves) and it comes with only one locomotive wagon. The car is worth fighting rocket. The countdown, launch, awakening.