5 years ago  

“There it is,” he said.

The Volvo SUV had gone off the road nose first into a creek. Its lights were still on.

He saw them try to move the car, heard the kids’ screams from inside. He tried his best not to look, though out of the corner of his eye he saw the red of blood.

He walked to the old lady’s cottage, getting there before the old lady did. When she arrived her face was blank. She wasn’t smiling, but she also didn’t seem tormented by what she’d just done.

She unlocked the door and went inside. He followed her in and sat on the couch. She stayed standing and chewed on a fingernail.

“What happened?” he asked.

She didn’t answer. He repeated the question. She ignored it again.

The father entered, wet from standing knee-deep in the creek trying to get his kids out of the overturned car. He looked at the reporter with disdain.

“You waste no time, do you?”

“I didn’t know what to do,” he found himself saying.

“Are you a cop? Are you press?”

“Press, I guess.”

“I see,” the father said, confirming some suspicion. He walked back out. Something inside him stirred and he rose to his feet, following him out.

“I’ll help,” he told the father.

He followed him outside and for the first time saw the accident scene. One of the kids, the boy, was already out. The girl was still inside. The car was upside down and the girl had made her way to the driver’s side window.

They had been able to push the car onto its side. A bit more and they’d be able to pull her out.

Then the car slipped, falling back into its old position with a crunch. The girl screamed once and then lay still. The silence seemed eternal.

“She’s dead!” screamed her brother.

“I’m not dead,” whispered the girl.

He saw a way to get her out. He ran to her and busted out the rest of the driver’s side window, and pulled her out as gently as he could. One of her hands was nearly severed. He thought that was the worst of it, until he saw she’d also been almost sliced Read more…

Justice Fall drama 
5 years ago  

I dreamed fall of the Dark Knight and Superman from Doomsday hands. Justice League isn’t born :( Batman weeping over the broken body of Superman. He wanted to kill his self :(

Penguinman drama 
5 years ago  

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I had died and gone to heaven. And there I met David Bowie. He was engaged in breeding rare breeds of penguins. Penguins get up around him when he played guitar and sang along with him. It was very touching!