Virus thriller 
11 months ago  

A bacterium that infected the nervous system turned a large part of society into living dead. Our country was divided into districts, which had specific activities (agriculture, mining, etc ). The capital was in charge of control and peace.
The government implemented a curfew in all districts: you must be inside your city before 7:00 p.m., since the doors automatically closed at that time; This is because the undead only walked and ate at night.
My wife and I ran the mining district. We cared about our citizens and they loved us. My wife wore leather jackets and boots, she was strong and courageous. I dressed like Jesus Christ (?).
We had two children named Amelia and Dwight. Through a mandatory medical examination conducted by the government on a monthly basis, to prevent
infections that threaten the integrity of the districts, they detected that the antidote for the bacteria was encrypted in my nervous system and, for some reason, the dead woke up because of my presence, even though it was day.
Came to pick me up a commission of the government led by the president’s son, a tall dark man, quite young. We had to travel on foot to the capital, making our way through the crowd of the dead.
We had estimated to arrive in the capital before 7:00 p.m., to avoid the curfew. That considering there were no setbacks.

We undertook a trip and the struggle was arduous: my wife excelled in the battle over the soldiers (she
was pretty sexy to be honest), but despite all efforts it was getting late and we lacked a journey. At 6:57 pm we visualized the capital’s gate and ran as fast as we could, but for some reason I asked them to come forward to give them time. My wife cried desperately, shouting to go with them. In my heroic attempt to help my companions, the door closed and I was surrounded and alone. When I thought that everything was already lost, someone forced the door by brute force: it was the president, a huge man full of tattoos and an aspect that scared. I managed Read more…

Fat of the Dead thriller 
4 years ago  

School class (where I studied). The teacher from the university (which I study now) is giving a lecture on Soil Mechanics. On the first desk there is a very fat guy.
He takes out a burger in foil and starts to turn it very loud. The teacher became nervous. As soon as the fatty bit off the first piece,
the teacher takes out a gun and makes a big guy a colander. One bullet flies right through and hits me. I did not feel the pain, but I saw a lot of blood, so I decided to play along.
After my affectation and falling on the sink began to run up to me unfamiliar people with shouts: NO! One girl said that they need to call my brother.
My brother (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) comes to me, takes me, throws me into the back of the pickup truck and takes me home. At home he throws me on the floor in the kitchen, and opens the fridge.
Smelling the food I say: Damn, eat the hunt, went to the KFC. He turns around in surprise and says: What is dead may never chicken can eat!

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4 years ago  

Houses cold. I went to sleep under two blankets. Dreamed that sleep under its four blankets. Woke up without blankets.

The chaos. thriller 
5 years ago  

Summer. It must be already evening. The dark, the sky overcast. Simply – bad weather.
Suspecting nothing, my friends and I walked along the vast road under the railway bridge. Suddenly, like lightning, raced on a road car, knocking the man and leaving him only a lifeless lumps. Then, this point is shown again, but now in slow motion. We not finding any words, look at it, trying to understand what happened. The head comes first right idea – to call an ambulance. The answer turns out to be harsh and confusing. Manager says: “I don`t f… care, who was shot down there!”.
After that moment, a strange happening chaos: people suddenly appear in hats and long coats with masks of plague doctors who uninterrupted chanting something under his breath. Other people dressed in summer clothes, begin to move erratically – then go, then abruptly accelerated, then jump. But this is not the end – a huge crowd of children begins to jump under a swarm of mindless machines.

Nearing the climax feeling, from which is even scarier. Triggered siren announcing the nuclear attack. Crumbling buildings, an endless stream is a series of accidents.
Suddenly there is the railway bridge (the bridge of the leaves) and it comes with only one locomotive wagon. The car is worth fighting rocket. The countdown, launch, awakening.

The Circus thriller 
5 years ago  

In the dream, I was 8-10 years old. Location – the circus. The show involved only animals, and even the trainers were allowed. Giraffes riding on motorcycles and lions to control them.
In one of the rooms a lion-tamer voice of Simba said that he would need help viewer. At this moment the hall subsided, and all the spotlights are targeting me. Without waiting for my consent, lion, waving his cane, teleport me to the stage. He says: “Way back there!”
I look at the audience instead of cheerful children and their parents in the audience were people in black robes, their eyes glowed with fire. Decently bulk pants, I turn to the lion. He shouts: «Where’s the trigger ?!»
This is where it all begins. At the scene of all the animals run out and stand in front of me, turned on the music of The Dark Knight. Behind the door is opened and the animals start to run at me. I run to the door behind her is the African savannah. I ran as usual in dreams, slower than usual, and the beasts of catching me. I ran a few hours. Heart torn by fear. I tried to wake up, but I could not. Wake helped me catch up with me hippopotamus. He growled: “You do not deserve forgiveness!” And cut me.
I woke up and was afraid to move for 30 minutes.

PS. I apologize for spelling mistakes. English is not my native language.