FAQ WeDreamed.com

1. What is WeDreamed?
WeDreamed – is entertainment community. All content is created by users. Content is user stories about their dreams.
All added posts and comments have their rating.
The website has three sections: “New”, “Best” and “Discussed” (Home page):
“New” – recently added posts. You can sort by genre;
“Best” – the posts with the highest rating. You can sort by genre and time: 24 hours, week, month, or all time;
“Discussed” (Home page) – most commented posts. You can sort by genre and time: 24 hours, week, month, or all time.

2. What are the benefits of registration?
Registration is very simple and gives you a couple of advantages. Once registered, you can add posts and comments, and rate them.

3. How to add a post?
To do this, sign in and go to the addition of the post.

4. How do I edit or delete a post?
Buttons edit or delete a post located in the top right corner of the block post.
Edit or delete the posts can only be added by less than 3 days ago.

5. How do I see this page with my posts?

6. Where I can change the email / avatar / nickname and other?

7. How do I search for tags?
Type in the address bar http://wedreamed.com/tag/(yourtag)
For example http://wedreamed.com/tag/road or http://wedreamed.com/tag/winter

The list of questions will be added as they are received from users.