5 years ago  

I was standing in line at the supermarket. On my shoulder sits wasp and stings me. I know that I have an allergy (actually not), take out the ointment. Turns woman standing in front of me and says, “I’m sorry”, and with tears running away. Do not pay attention to it, I open a tube of ointment and smear the bite. At the same moment the hand begins to swell and covered with red blisters. I did not panic, because I know that the beginning of an allergic reaction, and will soon begin to act medicine. But the hand continued to increase, and the blisters begin to burst. From fear and pain I squeezed his wrist with such force that his nails scratched and bleeding. Takes effect a cure: the tumor passes, but stretched skin droops. It becomes a gray tint, as if aging; cracks. A few seconds later it turns into something like the bark of a tree with a huge crack. Through a crack visible muscles and bones with traces of burns. I thrust a finger into the crack, and I wake up in pain.

PS. I apologize for spelling mistakes. English is not my native language.



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