The Circus thriller 
5 years ago  

In the dream, I was 8-10 years old. Location – the circus. The show involved only animals, and even the trainers were allowed. Giraffes riding on motorcycles and lions to control them.
In one of the rooms a lion-tamer voice of Simba said that he would need help viewer. At this moment the hall subsided, and all the spotlights are targeting me. Without waiting for my consent, lion, waving his cane, teleport me to the stage. He says: “Way back there!”
I look at the audience instead of cheerful children and their parents in the audience were people in black robes, their eyes glowed with fire. Decently bulk pants, I turn to the lion. He shouts: «Where’s the trigger ?!»
This is where it all begins. At the scene of all the animals run out and stand in front of me, turned on the music of The Dark Knight. Behind the door is opened and the animals start to run at me. I run to the door behind her is the African savannah. I ran as usual in dreams, slower than usual, and the beasts of catching me. I ran a few hours. Heart torn by fear. I tried to wake up, but I could not. Wake helped me catch up with me hippopotamus. He growled: “You do not deserve forgiveness!” And cut me.
I woke up and was afraid to move for 30 minutes.

PS. I apologize for spelling mistakes. English is not my native language.