Fat of the Dead thriller 
4 years ago  

School class (where I studied). The teacher from the university (which I study now) is giving a lecture on Soil Mechanics. On the first desk there is a very fat guy.
He takes out a burger in foil and starts to turn it very loud. The teacher became nervous. As soon as the fatty bit off the first piece,
the teacher takes out a gun and makes a big guy a colander. One bullet flies right through and hits me. I did not feel the pain, but I saw a lot of blood, so I decided to play along.
After my affectation and falling on the sink began to run up to me unfamiliar people with shouts: NO! One girl said that they need to call my brother.
My brother (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) comes to me, takes me, throws me into the back of the pickup truck and takes me home. At home he throws me on the floor in the kitchen, and opens the fridge.
Smelling the food I say: Damn, eat the hunt, went to the KFC. He turns around in surprise and says: What is dead may never chicken can eat!

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