Virus thriller 
11 months ago  

A bacterium that infected the nervous system turned a large part of society into living dead. Our country was divided into districts, which had specific activities (agriculture, mining, etc ). The capital was in charge of control and peace.
The government implemented a curfew in all districts: you must be inside your city before 7:00 p.m., since the doors automatically closed at that time; This is because the undead only walked and ate at night.
My wife and I ran the mining district. We cared about our citizens and they loved us. My wife wore leather jackets and boots, she was strong and courageous. I dressed like Jesus Christ (?).
We had two children named Amelia and Dwight. Through a mandatory medical examination conducted by the government on a monthly basis, to prevent
infections that threaten the integrity of the districts, they detected that the antidote for the bacteria was encrypted in my nervous system and, for some reason, the dead woke up because of my presence, even though it was day.
Came to pick me up a commission of the government led by the president’s son, a tall dark man, quite young. We had to travel on foot to the capital, making our way through the crowd of the dead.
We had estimated to arrive in the capital before 7:00 p.m., to avoid the curfew. That considering there were no setbacks.

We undertook a trip and the struggle was arduous: my wife excelled in the battle over the soldiers (she
was pretty sexy to be honest), but despite all efforts it was getting late and we lacked a journey. At 6:57 pm we visualized the capital’s gate and ran as fast as we could, but for some reason I asked them to come forward to give them time. My wife cried desperately, shouting to go with them. In my heroic attempt to help my companions, the door closed and I was surrounded and alone. When I thought that everything was already lost, someone forced the door by brute force: it was the president, a huge man full of tattoos and an aspect that scared. I managed to get through thanks to your efforts.
Once inside, we were in the operating room. They had a giant screen that showed a map of the entire country, and on the map you could see green dots inside the cities and red dots outside them. I asked what they meant and they told me that the whole society (Dead and Humans) had chips implanted in the nape
of the neck that allowed to determine if they were infected or not.
Watching the screen, I realized that a red dot was walking among the citizens of the capital, it was quite close to the window where I was. I looked out and saw her standing there: she was a girl about 7 years old who was wearing a hood. He turned to see me with tears in his eyes, as if asking for help, and it showed
in his eyes that he carried the virus.



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